Having signed up for this month-long blogging exercise on wordpress I’m now posting my first task; this is not my first blog by the way as I’ve been blogging – albeit erratically – for a year or two.
My first task is to introduce myself and I’m wondering where to start but I guess in the end it doesn’t make a big difference.
I’m married and have two grown children; for 30 years I’ve worked mostly in disabled people’s organisations, most recently as Chief Executive of a third sector organisation with £1m turnover, and am now semi-retired following a heart attack 3 years ago. Since leaving work I’ve started writing, both for myself and others, and a lot of my writing is on disability issues, but I’m also trying fiction and poetry: I’ve just self-published a book of haiku (and all my family and friends got one for Christmas!).
My main aim in blogging was to create a space where I could express my views on matters to do with disability – social and political rather than medical – having lost most of the avenues I’d had at work: I’ve also found though that it’s helping me maintain my networks and reach new contacts. My other aim – which only became obvious to me after several months – was to explore my creativity and see what might develop. And for this year I’m planning to bring some order and self-discipline to my erratic posting and aversion to deadlines – the fact that I’m writing this at 23.15 on day one indicates that I do indeed have a problem!
I like meeting up with friends, reading, playing online scrabble (since my husband won’t play on a board with me!), flying off to the sun in winter, and swimming.
And that’s the short version – maybe I’ll get chances to fill the gaps as blogging 101 progresses.


About lorrainegradwell

Active in the disabled peoples' movement since the early 80's, stepping back a bit now but still speaking up and still looking for independence and an end to discrimination.
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